Where can you find angel investors?

Finding an angel investor is not an easy task but, in the event that you do find an angel investor it will undoubtedly be a great payoff for you during the invention process. Angel investors do not simply hang around coffee shops or community networking events with the intent to be found; generally, you must be referred to an angel investor. Typically, angel investors often want to be directly or indirectly involved with their investments. Because of this, they tend to invest in businesses geographically closer as involvement becomes much easier in terms of time and effectiveness.

Immersing yourself in your local business and social community will better help you to get your name and ideas into the market. This not only allows you to preemptively test your ideas or products but it also allows you to position yourself to meet and network with someone who knows an angel investor or perhaps an investor firsthand. One of the best tactics to use throughout your networking engagements is to focus your energy on business owners who have successfully established themselves in the small business realm as they not only bring valuable insight, they also have an extensive contact list of people who might be beneficial to you. In all of your networking ventures, remember that angel investors typically prefer to stay anonymous, which only adds to the difficulty in directly recognizing them.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and attend meeting and trade shows. Get involved in community and trade organizations so that you will be one step closer to shaking hands with an angel investor. Also consider using the internet to research other events or networking opportunities while promoting your ideas to a wider audience.

Can you recognise an angel investor?

These characteristics may help you to more easily recognize an angel investor:

  • An individual whose income is well above $100,000 per year
  • An individual with a net worth of at least $1 million
  • Someone who likes to play an active role in investment opportunities and has an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Someone who likes to invest in areas of interest to further engage in opportunities of success
  • Someone who can hold an investment for up to 5 years without extensive struggle or financial strain

What do angel investors look for in potential investment opportunities?

  • Looking at the founders, what is the overall quality and level of commitment of those involved?
  • Is the founder passionate about the project? Is he or she honest?
  • Has the founder done adequate research in establishing a business plan? What actions have been completed to progress the invention process?
  • Is there a market for the project? What is the potential demand within that market?
  • If there is a market for the project, what is the price point? Is the projected or pre-established pricing fair in terms of consumer behavior, competitor products, etc.?
  • How likely is the project to attract other investors? Will financial support be easily garnered or will funding be problematic?
  • Overall, is the project viable? Does it add value or fulfill a need within the market?

As you participate in more networking opportunities, be aware of the individuals you meet and the potential significance they could have in your project. Finding an angel investor is often difficult but it is not impossible. Know some of their basic characteristics as well as the key requirements that they look for in potential investment opportunities as you navigate through the world of networking.

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