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December 26, 2014

How many parts will they ship at one time?

Once you have chosen your manufacture, you need to decided if you are going to allow them to do the packaging of the product or if you want to do it yourself, this needs to be the first decision that needs to be made. If you decide the manufacturer does the packaging into final retail boxes then your manufacturer will inform you how many boxes they can fit in a container. This is a fine calculation and should be double checked. Typically at Invention Steps we provide 3D illustrations of boxes in a container showing you in detail the exact […]
May 27, 2012

How long will the design phase take?

The length of time it takes to design a product always depends on a few factors. I have had people come to me with ideas that are just thoughts in their head while other times I have had people come to me with sketches and even prototypes. How far have you developed your ideas? If you do your homework and try to develop the idea yourself so it can be handed over to someone else will reduce the time it takes to design the final product. Basically you have come up with a concept on how you part will look […]