Inventors and Twitter

In 2008 came along another “super” social website called Twitter. Growing at a rapid pace Twitter soon became viable competition for Facebook for attracting people’s attention. Currently Twitter has 140 million active users (in 2012) with 340 million tweets daily.

Twitter is a social media website that allows you to register yourself or a business and start connecting with people all over the world for free.

Twitter website

Like Facebook, twitter is free and uses geographical and targeted ads to find people who are talking about your topic of choice.

Twitter has two types of ads to choose from – Promoted Products and Promoted Tweets

Twitter will find people who are a match with similar interests to you that aren’t your friends and will allow you to add a recommended to follow link to their page, this is what they call Promoted Products.

If you prefer a different avenue Twitter will choose your most used tweets and place them in conversation that other people are having. These tweets are called Promoted Tweets.

You only pay when people choose to follow you from your Promoted Products ad or when people choose to engage in your tweet in the Promoted Tweet ad.

You can control your budget and stop your ad at any time.

Twitter ads is unlike any traditional ads give it a try and build up your marketing audience.

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