Fitting in with consumers behaviour

A common problem with inventors is that they think everyone will want their product. This is not often true. Inventors are so taken back by their inventions that they fail to look at the bigger picture. Does the invention fit with consumers behaviour?

Thinking everyone will buy your product is a big mistake that inventors make. Inventors need to take into account what is currently in the market and how yours fits in not how your product can change the consumers behaviour. Trying to change consumers behaviour is risky and more often than not your product will fail. If your product does not fit into the consumers behaviour at the time then they are going to be reluctant to buy your product.

Inventors need to remember that consumers think in relative terms. This means that if the consumer cannot relate your invention to something they currently use or want to fix a problem then they are not going to use your product. You need to do your market research to determine exactly what the consumers behaviour is in the market at the time. Inventors need to analyse how consumers will perceive your product and what they will relate your product to when they first see it.

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