Can I move my tools to a different Supplier?

So you have been producing parts off your tools and unfortunately you realise the quality of the parts are bad or you are not happy with the manufacturer. So can you move your tools to another company? Depends on the initial contract between you and the company. In most cases the answer surprisingly is no. Although you have bought the tool it does not entirely belong to you, this is the catch.

When the manufacturer firsts quotes you for the tooling he offers it to you at a discounted price. This is to draw you in and get your business so you can afford to go ahead with manufacture, The main reason for the the cheap tooling cost is that they want to make money from manufacturing your parts.

When you request your tools they will probably give you a figure at which you can buy the tools from them. This figure could be up to 4 times the original price.

be careful when dealing with manufacturers, make sure you pay for the tooling and it belongs to you and you can move them without any additional costs.

Please note that this does not apply to all tools but it is definitely an issue for some people.

It is not unheard of to buy tools from asia and ship them to your own country to manufacture the parts. Again be aware that you will probably need to update the tooling to your countries standards, safety sensors etc.

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