We have written all these topics to help you further understand the Invention Process and what you can do to reduce mistake and keep costs low.

April 7, 2015

Invention Blogs and Forums

Before the social media giants came to existence and power, the internet was a world of blogs and forums where users could write reviews, ask questions and chat about experiences. Today’s realm of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and a dozen more initially began in chat rooms, blogs and forums related to specific topics and featuring users within specific demographics. Even with the popularity of social media, blogs and forums continue to exist and prove substantial venues to engage and network with a community of consumers. Blogs Blogs are typically a more personalized website where people discuss things that are relevant […]
April 7, 2015

Packaging Cost

The manufacturing should typically include a packaging cost in the initial price that was quoted. However, if you fail to bring this up for discussion, the manufacturer will most likely bulk package your product in a large box for shipping. If you do not specify the type of packaging that you prefer well in advance, do not expect it to come in a nicely packaged box. To ensure that your product is shipped both safely and accurately, I suggest that you have the packaging professionally designed with both of these factors in mind. However, a professionally designed package is dependent […]
April 3, 2015

Magazine Advertising

Magazines are an ideal medium to reach your target audience to educate and show off your new product or service. Generally speaking, advertising in a magazine is often quite expensive in comparison to other venues such as newspaper advertisements and internet marketing. However, if you have the budget to advertise your invention in a magazine, they present an outstanding venue to reach target audiences who will most likely be interested in your product. Magazines are ideal because they are usually subject related. For example, consider the variety of magazines related to cars, electronics, and fashion. There are magazines devoted to […]
April 3, 2015

Internet Marketing

Marketing your product on the internet may prove to be the best avenue to sell your product or service. Internet marketing does require a minimal start-up cost but, hopefully, once you start making more sales, this cost will be offset and can eventually pay for itself. What is the easiest way to use the internet to market your product? The quickest and easiest way to launch your product into the online market with a large audience is through Google Ads. Google offers website owners the ability to earn money from their websites by placing Google Ads on their sites. These […]
April 3, 2015

Employ a Salesman

Typically, there are two primary reasons why you would consider employing a salesman. First, you may not be the best at selling your product to the consumer or larger retail environment. Second, your product may not be making you enough or any money. Unfortunately, not every inventor is in a position where they can afford to hire a salesman but, there are options to consider depending on your situation. Employ a Salesman Employing a salesman is not an option for every inventor but, it is one to seriously consider. Many new inventors are convinced that their product or service will […]
April 3, 2015

Do marketing companies actually work for inventors?

Seeking the assistance of a marketing company does have its benefits during the invention process. Marketing companies have the skills and abilities to bring in sales opportunities but, of course, this comes at a price. These companies do not work for free and often require payment up front before they will begin the process to market your product. In some cases, marketing companies will also ask for a percentage share of the sales made in what is known as commission. Conduct Research Before you hire any marketing firm to promote your product or service, you should always conduct adequate research […]
April 3, 2015

Planning Your Website Before You Build It

Planning your website is key to ensuring that all of the necessary information is captured and presented in an easy way to read and, more importantly, an easy to follow structure. Before you consider the physical aspects of the website design, you must first consider the following: Who is your target audience? What category does your website fall under? Are your trying to sell something or raise money for a cause? What is the tone of your content? Will it be serious, simple, witty or complex? What are you hoping to achieve? Another advantage in thoroughly planning your website is […]
April 3, 2015

Facebook for Inventors

Facebook is a social media website that has been around since 2004 and has grown rapidly ever since its launch. Originally, Facebook started out as a social media website solely for university students in America but, over time, it grew to a massive international website with unlimited users or requirements. So, how exactly is Facebook a beneficial marketing tool? As of 2014, Facebook had over 2 billion active users, all of whom are subjected to a countless number of ads. Any registered Facebook member can place targeted ads for a small fee, dependent on the targeted audience and the user’s […]
April 3, 2015

Design your own Website

DIY Websites Choosing any DIY website option to design the website yourself can be a very time consuming exercise but, there are tools and options available to help make the process easier. I strongly suggest looking into WordPress or similar platforms that can make web designing a breeze. In WordPress, you can select from a number of free standard templates that you can easily edit through an administrative area on the back-end of the site. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy from millions of professionally designed websites aimed at a variety of industries from sports and engineering to hobbyists […]
March 25, 2015

Business Plan for Inventors

As an inventor, we hope that your goal is to manufacture and sell your invention, transforming your idea into a reality. As ideas become products that fill needs in the market, the greatest accomplishment for any inventor is in seeing success firsthand from a product he or she developed. Besides, it is pretty incredible to see your product on the store shelf. When you make the decision to manufacture and sell your invention you are, essentially, making the choice to start your own business. And, with any good business, you need a plan in place to outline your priorities, finances, […]