We have written all these topics to help you further understand the Invention Process and what you can do to reduce mistake and keep costs low.

June 8, 2012

Drop Testing

Drop testing is a test that is performed to a part in its packaging where it is dropped on its corner from a height and then monitor its survival. Heights can be up to 1.5 meters. Usually this type of test is recommended when manufacturing something fragile and you need to ensure it makes it to your customers in one piece. Your packaging designer or the company who are designing the packaging should have the ability to design the packaging to suit a drop test but it is up to you to inform them of your requirements. Failure to inform […]
June 8, 2012

Packaging Design

If your packaging needs to be designed specially then it should be done by your designer. Your designer will have more knowledge on this process and can suggest material for you to use. Your chosen manufacturer will have some insite on what to do regarding the packaing. They will usually have partner companies who can assist and point you in the right direction. ##### What material to use? #####
June 8, 2012

Inventing and the environment?

Before I explain to you what types of packaging to consider look at the below table. Paper and Cardboard – 100 to 400 years Plastic Bags – 100 to 500 years Aluminium Cans – 100 to 500 years Textiles – 100 to 500 years Plastic Wrap – 100 to 1000 years Plastic Bottles – Many hundreds of years Glass Containers – Do not decompose Tires – Do not decompose Packaging is a expense that many people do not consider. The expense of a part to be packaged can be as much as the actual product itself and in some cases […]
June 8, 2012

Graphics on the packaging

Adding some graphics to your product is essential to attracting people to buy your product. The graphics is usually found on the packaging and plays an essential part in getting over information to the consumer what your product does. You should include your company name and slogan (trademark) in the graphics. Be sure to use complementing colours. You need to get a professional to design the packaging as they know what colours and layouts attract people. Try to find a company with graphic design experience and be sure to view their portfolio to ensure they can do as they promise. […]
June 8, 2012

Graphics on the product

You are always free to do what you want to your product and if you decide you want to advertise your company name or website on there you can do so. There are a number of different methods to add graphics to your product, typically these are done using pad printing, screen printing, stickers or simply add the graphics to the tool so where it can be removed if necessary. If using colour graphics try and keep the number of colour to one or 2. The more colours used in the above methods will add more cost. Adding the graphics […]
June 3, 2012


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June 3, 2012

Duties and taxes to be paid on importing

Yes as if things weren’t that hard already you will probably be required to pay one or both of the following to get your container cleared into your country. My best advice is to check this out yourself rather than ask your supplier as this is not their area of expertise. If you are organising the shipping of the container be sure to ask the shipping company of any duties or taxes to be paid. Although the costs will be minimal it might still be a big hit to you onwards RRP and the margin you make. You need to […]
June 3, 2012

How long will shipping of my product take?

Dependant on which country you are in and which country you choose it can vary drastically. I usually stick to 6 weeks for long hauls. If you need a more accurate time your supplier should be able to help you out if they are organising transport.
June 3, 2012

Where can you find angel investors?

Finding an Angel Investor is not an easy task, but if you do find an angel investor it will definitely pay off. Typically an Angel investor will want to be involved in the business they invest in so they will be looking to invest in businesses closer to home most of the time. Angel Investors don’t just hang around the streets to be found, generally you need to be referred to an Angel Investor. Immersing yourself in your local business and social community will help get your name and ideas out there and give you more of a chance of coming across any Angel […]
May 29, 2012

Funding your patent

To get your product to market there are obviously costs involved. This is not a problem if you have disposable money, but most often the inventor will need a loan, a partner or investor. Before spending your own money it is advisable to search through Government Websites and see if you qualify for a grant or funding. The inventor may choose to seek investors. Investors will usually request more than the lion share as they might not recoup their investment. This high risk is usually why they ask for a large share. In this case the investors are know as […]